Saturday, November 25, 2017

#329 / Lady Bird

One of my family's Thanksgiving Day traditions is to go on a hike (led by my son, Philips). Another tradition is for us all to go to a movie together after we have finished gorging on the over-abundant food that is always part of our Thanksgiving meal (provided by my wife, Marilyn, and various guests attending). Actually, we go to the movie only after I have put as many dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I can, and I am forced to wait until I can do another load (my contribution to the celebration is, always, to bat cleanup). 

This year, our movie tradition held, but picking the movie is not always an easy task. 

I suggested the movie Lady Bird. It is playing at The Nick, downtown, and I had read a review that suggested that it was a pretty good movie. My son had never heard of it, and he was reluctant to waste time on a movie he had never heard about. 

Since my son is an acupuncturist who doubles as a videographer, and has actually produced and directed a full-length movie that was shown at one of the Santa Cruz Film Festivals, a few years back, and a movie that is still available for purchase on Amazon, his views on the right movie are taken quite seriously by other family members (and particularly by his mother). 

I had to fight for Lady Bird, and won the battle when Philips discovered that Lady Bird has a "Rotten Tomatoes" score of 100%. I said, "that's pretty good," and Philips laughed. "That's perfect, Dad!"

Parent-child conflicts are what Lady Bird is all about. You can watch the trailer by clicking above. You can click right here to read The New York Times review that convinced me that I should see the movie (The Times called it "Big Screen Perfection"). 

Here's what my videographer/acupuncturist son said after the movie: "Thanks, Dad!"

In a lot of ways, that's what the movie is all about, too, though in the key of a mother-daughter, instead of a father-son, disagreement. 

Recommended! 100%!

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