Friday, October 20, 2017

#293 / She Lives

Last weekend, I attended the annual conference sponsored by the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College. The conference topic was "Crises of Democracy: Thinking In Dark Times." As always, the conference was provocative and extremely worthwhile. This time, I visited the grave of Hannah Arendt, who, with her husband, is buried on the Bard College campus. 

Though Hannah Arendt is dead, her thinking most definitely lives on. Make no mistake, these are "dark times," and Arendt calls us, always, to both think and act. If you were to join the Hannah Arendt Center as a member, you could then participate in a "Virtual Reading Group," lead by Roger Berkowitz, the Founder and Academic Director of the Center. 

Consider, for instance, this discussion on the "Pursuit of Happiness," about which Hannah Arendt had a lot to say!

Image Credit:
Gary Patton personal photo.

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