Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Are we happy that Elon Musk is such a great entrepreneur? Here on earth, he's moving our civilization towards a transportation future that includes self-driving cars on the surface of the planet. He is working on a hyperloop train going more than 700 miles per hour, probably underground. And we will definitely be underground, one way or another, if Musk has his way. Unless we're living on Mars, that is, which is where Musk's SpaceX company wants to send us (or some of the chosen few, at least).

If you click the links in that paragraph above, you will find yourself reading some of my previous blog postings, and you will see that I am skeptical that Musk's vision of the future is a future to which we ought to be aspiring. And now I have a new warning. 

An online article reveals that one of Musk's recent SEC filings indicates that Musk is planning to raise money to develop a "neural lace" that will "implant a latticework of tiny electrodes into people's brains, conceivably treating disease and, eventually, turning people into cyborgs with augmented intelligence. Musk has said a usable form of the technology is four or five years away." Just by chance, I have been listening to a book on tape, The Lost Key, by Catherine Coulter, which demonstrates some of the frightening possibilities of what Musk is proposing.

I don't think that Musk's proposal is a joke. Here's another article that indicates that Musk is serious about this plan for the future of humanity.

Hey, fellow cyborgs-to-be, just remember what that playwright said: 

To be, or not to be (cyborgs) that is the question. 

Shakespeare's inquiry suggests we have a choice. I think we do, and here's my answer: 


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