Saturday, August 26, 2017

#238 / Resistance, Insistence, And Persistence

As an anti-war, anti-conscription activist during the 1960's, I was proud to be part of "The Resistance." I am happy to be part of current "resistance" efforts, too. 

The symbol to the left (the letter Omega in the Greek alphabet) is one of the symbols that has traditionally been used to denote "electrical" resistance.

Those resisting the Vietnam War commandeered the symbol to designate "political" resistance, and current resistance efforts are making use of it again. 

Given this nation's current leadership, I think "resistance" is very much in order. I have been thinking, however, that "resistance" is not enough. 

"Resistance" means opposition, and while opposing bad policies, actions, and ideas is important, placing an emphasis on opposition concedes the initiative to those proposing the bad policies, actions, and ideas. In other words, "resistance" is negative. It is necessary, but not sufficient.

I would like to propose that those concerned about the direction that our government is taking should start thinking "positively." Being against bad things is good, but being in favor of good things is better. 

In a representative democracy, elected representatives will, sooner or later, carry out the demands and desires of the people they represent, but only if the people insist that they do so. 

Insistence and persistence are the way forward. Resistance is to prevent us falling back. 

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