Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#193 / Baby Driver

The picture above is from the recently-released movie, Baby DriverI enjoyed the movie. If you want to watch the trailer, just click the link!

Since I am teaching "Introduction To Legal Process" this summer, up at UCSC, and since my class has been learning about criminal law, I do have to note a little deficiency in the plot. Here's the name of that little plot problem:

You can click the link, to find out what my students are learning:

The felony murder rule is an exception to the normal rules of homicide. Normally, a defendant can be convicted of murder only if a prosecutor shows that the defendant acted with the intent to kill or with a reckless indifference to human life. Under the felony murder rule, however, a defendant can be convicted of murder even if the defendant did not act with intent or a reckless indifference; the prosecution must show only that the defendant participated in a felony where fatalities occurred.

In other words, no matter how nice you are personally, you don't get probation in five years when you drive a bunch of crazed killers around to the locations where they kill people.

In real life, that wonderful waitress would have to "wait" a lot longer!

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