Thursday, April 6, 2017

#96 / You For It? I'm Against It!


In his New York Times column on Thursday, March 30th, "President Trump vs. Big Bird," Nicholas Kristof notes the amazing fact that President Trump has now, apparently, come out against that popular Sesame Street character. That's the effect, anyway, of the Trump budget, which zeros out funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Don't let the wings fool you. That's Trump pictured to the top. Big Bird's right below:


In a front page story in that same edition of The New York Times, Edward Wong observed that the effect of President Trump's actions on global warming and climate change will be to assist China. China, not the United States, will end up providing provide global leadership on the major global issue of our time, and China will thus receive huge economic benefits that would otherwise, quite probably, have gone to the United States.

I have previously opined in this blog that the Democratic Party should realize that Trump has the high ground in his statement that his presidency will aim to "Make America Great Again." I suggest the Democrats should steal that promise, and then actually deliver.

In other words, the idea that if your opponent is "for" something you should be "against" it is a pretty stupid way to be successful. Democrats are in favor of Big Bird and all those other do-gooder liberal programs, and they think that the U.S. should be leading the charge on global warming.

Because the Democrats are "for" these things, it looks like the Republicans (and the president they elected) are bound and determined to be "against" them.

Not smart!


(I am pretty sure that the vast majority of Americans just LOVE Big Bird!)

This lesson works for both parties. Just because your opponent is "for" something doesn't mean that you should be "against it." Or vice versa!

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