Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#74 / Teatro


eres el mundo
y las paredes de los
buildings mas grandes
son nothing but scenery.  
(Luis Valdez and Teatro Campesino)


This is such a positive vision of who we are. And what we do. 

We are actors, not observers.

We are the world

Because we create it.

It is we who create the human world. 

All those buildings we have built

All our accomplishments so far...

They are nothing but scenery.

All those things that seem so grand...

That appear so impressive 

That seem so immovable

That seem so unchangeable...

Everything that makes us feel small

Everything that makes us feel powerless...

That is just the backdrop for what we will do next.

That is just scenery.

We are actors, not observers.

Muchas gracias a Luis!

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