Sunday, February 19, 2017

#50 / Deep Cover

It is hard to add much, with more words, to this Tim Eagan (Deep Cover) cartoon. It presents, so clearly, the essence and fundamental reality of our "two-party" system. It's the "We" party versus the "Me" party. 

Each one of us, of course, is an individual first, and we do need to protect, and elevate, and celebrate each individual, in all our multitudinous, rainbow diversity. Everything that exists within our human world begins in the heart, and mind, and will of an individual human being.

In the end, though, we are more than a collection of mere individuals. We are in this life together, and only when we  act together can we build and sustain a world worth having, a world that is worthy of our deepest aspirations.

Image Credit: (January 3 - February 6, 2017)

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