Sunday, February 5, 2017

#36 / Afterward, IV

The Wall Street Journal thinks that the Trump Administration and the current Congress will soon make use of what one of its columnists calls "A GOP Regulatory Game Changer." 

Those who care about the environment are closely following reports that Republicans in Congress are hoping to repeal the Endangered Species Act. Clearly, repealing a law, when you have the votes to do it, changes things in a big way. There is no doubt in my mind that the Endangered Species Act is very much "endangered" itself. 

As it turns out, corporate powers believe that the "Congressional Review Act" can be mobilized to eliminate not only recently-enacted regulations left behind by the Obama Administration but regulations that date from the very beginnings of the Obama Administration, in 2009. Read Kimberley Strassel's column to see an outline of how that might be accomplished. Eliminating the regulations that currently govern how the world works, because we do live in a "regulatory world," would definitely be game-changing in its implications. 

The fact that this is possible, and even likely, demonstrates, I think, how profoundly changed all things political now find themselves in our "afterward." 

And, yes, the question remains: What must we do about it?

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