Friday, January 27, 2017

#27 / Let's Not Be

Leonard Garvey Pitts, Jr. is a political pundit. He writes for the Miami Herald, but his columns are syndicated nationally, and I tend to see them in The (San Jose) Mercury News

On Thursday, January 26th, Pitts' column was titled this way, as it appeared in the Mercury News: "Donald Trump waging running battle with truth." 

The following link, to the column as it appeared in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, presents Pitts' column under the following title: "Leonard Pitts: Even after taking oath of office, President Trump lies as much as ever."

I am glad that Pitts is getting the word out! 

I do, however, have a somewhat critical comment. My criticism applies not only to what Pitts wrote, but to much of the political commentary focusing on our  new President. 

Here is Pitts on how Trump and his spokespersons structure their interactions with truth: 

Ask yourself: If we cannot trust these people to tell us the truth on minor matters that can be easily checked, what confidence can we have that they will be square with us on substantive matters where the truth is not a Google search away? What confidence can our allies and adversaries have?

The answer is, none. That should scare you.

Here is my suggestion. Just drop that final sentence. We are being told by many commentators that we should be "afraid of" or "scared by" President Trump.

Fear immobilizes, and drains our power away. 

Should we be scared?

Let's not be!

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