Monday, August 29, 2016

#242 / Uber Share #2

I suggested in a recent blog posting, "Uber Share," that our traffic congestion problems in Santa Cruz County might be alleviated (or even eliminated) if we were able to develop a subsidized ride-sharing program that would utilize the kind of cellphone-based, ride-hailing technology pioneered by Uber and Lyft. I was pleased to see from two articles that ran in the Saturday, August 20th edition of the Mercury News that this exact idea is, in fact, moving ahead in the even more congested Bay Area. 

The Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority is doing a demonstration project that will subsidize ride-sharing, for rides hailed through Uber or Lyft. And although Lyft is shutting down its experiment in carpool service, Lyft says that this is just a "pause," not a capitulation.

Logic and arithmetic make it clear that we can more efficiently use our transportation infrastructure, and save money, if we can just learn to share. 

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