Sunday, May 22, 2016

#143 / High Tension

Sam Spurlin is a blogger who describes himself as a "Workologist Coach and Consultant." He writes about various topics related to workplace relationships and organizational development. Recently, he advanced the view that "tension" within a workplace or organization was perhaps not to be avoided, but should actually be celebrated. Tension, he suggests, is not inevitably "dangerous," but can be an organizational "opportunity." You can read what Spurlin says about "The Fundamental Difference Between Thriving and Dying Organizations" by clicking the link. 

As I am often wont to do, with things I read, I extrapolate from ideas that apparently have nothing to do with "politics," to see what relevance they might have in a political context. I immediately decided that the kind of "tension" that Spurlin is writing about in his workplace-oriented blog posting is very much relevant to the "tension" within the Democratic Party, as the Party decides which candidate it will put forward as its Presidential candidate after the Presidential Nominating Convention to be held in Philadelphia this July. 

Those who want the tension-causing Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race are advocating for a course that would reduce intra-party "tension," but that could mean all the difference for the long-term health of the Democratic Party, and not in a good way.

I say, let's keep that tension going! I'd like to hope that the Democratic Party is going to come out of the elections in 2016 as a "thriving," not a "dying" organization.

Absorbing and celebrating what Bernie Sanders and his supporters are bringing to the table is one way to make sure that's true!

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