Saturday, May 14, 2016

#135 / Let's (Not) Go To Mars

Stephen Hawking thinks that humanity is just about done for here on Earth: 

This is Earth
Hawking has a solution, though. He suggests that we can keep the human species alive by moving it offsite, to Mars:

This is Mars
Click this link for an article discussing Hawking's plan, and see the image below for an artist's impression of a human colony on Mars:

Humanity's New Home (An Artist's Conception)
When Hawking says "humanity" can be saved by moving it to Mars, I don't think that necessarily includes either you or me, or any of our children or grandchildren. SOME humans will be saved! I guess I am supposed to be happy about that.

Frankly, though, instead of spending all the money necessary to send a few specimens of human life to Mars, as a way to "save the species," why not recognize what the wise among us know already? Human life is life inextricably linked to Planet Earth, a world we did not create, and a world upon which we are utterly dependent.

Let's spend our money figuring out how NOT to destroy the Earth, and ourselves. Then, instead of sending a few specimens off to Mars, which is, after all, a rather uncongenial location, we can provide opportunities to go camping in Yosemite:

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