Thursday, March 17, 2016

#77 / Pollinators

Last week, I received an email from Project Pollinate. This is a relatively recently-organized group, operating in the City of Santa Cruz. Project Pollinate outlines its mission as follows: 

Aimed at promoting human rights, social justice and peace, our goal is to engage the community in a dialogue about social problems, which affect our lives here in California and the world both physically and metaphorically through roundtable discussions, meet ups and workshops. Not only do we strive to raise social consciousness and overall awareness, we want to provide an avenue for identifying problems and discussing solutions. 

If you'd like to provide some assistance, Project Pollinate is carrying out a survey. Just click this link to participate.

The very first question asked by Project Pollinate is, "What is the biggest issue facing youth in Santa Cruz?"

What do you think? I think that the biggest issue facing youth (and truly all of us) is how we can discover and pursue a meaningful and energizing life's vocation in a time of economic, environmental, and social crisis. 

I don't classify as "youth," but I think that's the big issue for everyone.

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