Friday, January 1, 2016

#1 / Happy New Year

New Year's Eve In Times Square
As far as my Two Worlds blog is concerned, the fact that a New Year has now put in an appearance means that I am going to start again at #1. I have been doing one blog posting per day, 365 postings per year, for more than five years, and I have made just short of 2,200 blog postings in all. Maybe I should have written a book! Actually, at one point, that was sort of my plan, and maybe this will be the year. If so, I might end up having to "blog" less and "book" more.

I do have a model that could guide such an approach. Cut down on the words!

My sister Nancy, living in France, puts out a blog that follows my "one posting per day" rule, but Nancy does it without much text. Of course, the pictures that are featured in Nancy's blog are almost always spectacular, and are almost always ones that she has taken herself.

Montmirail, France
Nancy is an artist, and those pictures are the next best thing to an actual visit to the bed and breakfast and art studio that she and her husband Rick operate in a kind of semi-chateau in Montmirail, France. It's called Maison Conti, and I constantly promote it, and not just from family loyalty, either!

You can check out Maison Conti by clicking this link. Clicking on the following link gets you a subscription to the Maison Conti blog. True to the "one per day" rule, Nancy' blog postings will come to you on a daily basis, and all without the necessity of your actually going to France.

I do advise going if you can!

For now, good wishes to all for the year ahead! I started doing this Two Worlds blog on January 1, 2009. On January 1, 2016, I am heading into my eighth year.

Another 364 to come!

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(2) - Maison Conti Blog (Nancy Harrison)


  1. Happy New Year Gary!
    Love your optimism and belief that it is never to late to get involved in making a difference!
    All the best, Alison Goss

  2. You look pretty positive yourself, out on the beach! Happy New Year!


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