Saturday, December 19, 2015

#353 / Cadaver Beetles In My Dreams

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Dreams are supposed to be weird, right? I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I recently woke up with a vivid recollection of a dream in which cadaver beetles (Wikipedia calls them "carrion insects") completely stripped my skeleton of all its flesh, leaving the clean white bones.

I experienced no pain or distress. I guess that's natural, since a dead body is not generally thought to have such sensations. However, my mind was fully clear and conscious, and I woke up with a "lesson," fully formed, which was actually something I already knew. 

We are both individuals, and part of something greater. The individuality of our human life (the "who we are" when we "make our bones") will be left for memory, and our skulls (our memory) will be found and we will be recalled, perhaps, by some Hamlet who knew us, some Horatio who hears our tale. These are the hopes of Fools like me.

Most of what we are, however, goes back to Earth.

Earth: this place we are so privileged to inhabit. 

While still we live.

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