Thursday, November 12, 2015

#316 / Painting On Nature

I like this painting, one of many landscapes painted by Alison Moritsugu on the surfaces of cut logs. Click this link if you'd like to see more of her art. 

In a way, I think that "painting on Nature" is one metaphor that might well be used to describe the kind of human world we create, working our art upon the natural environment that sustains all life, and within that Natural World that is the location for all we do.

Unfortunately, the pictures we "paint" on Nature are not, very often, inspiring reproductions or interpretations of the landscapes of the Natural World into which we have been so blessed to have been born.

Too often, it's quite the opposite. Our work razes and destroys the World of Nature, as we construct our own artifacts, the human world: 

Maybe we should seek to make our human creations more like the landscapes that Moritsugu memorializes. That would be my thought!

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