Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#265 / Keeping A Journal

In what might be a kind of wishful thinking, I have periodically considered that this Two Worlds blog is a kind of "journal," the kind of journal that writers keep: "Notes For A Book."

Pictured above is a "real" journal, kept by my sister Nancy. Nancy is not only an artist, she also runs Maison Conti (with her husband, Rick). Maison Conti is undoubtedly one of the greatest bed and breakfast establishments anywhere, and comes equipped with a printmaking studio, too.

Of course, you do have to go to Montmirail, France to get the Maison Conti experience. I have, and some of my friends have, and I recommend making the trip! 

Click that Maison Conti link, and you'll see why I recommend a visit! If you click this link, you can sign up for another kind of "journal," a daily photographic posting from my sister. The picture of Nancy's journal, above, was the offering on August 25th. Most of those postings are of the wonders of Nature in the French countryside. 

Shameless promotion of my sister's bed and breakfast aside, I think writing down something you think is important, every day, is a very good thing to do. 

My sister does it artistically. My son does it as a workmanlike writer. I do this blog. 

Thinking about the world, every day. 

Maybe that will help us to change it!

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