Friday, July 31, 2015

#212 / Sense8

I confess to having binged my way through Sense8, the new series by the Wachowskis, available as a streaming video on Netflix. Homemade popcorn helps to sustain the binge! Click right here to get a brief review

I definitely recommend Sense8, which seems to be classified as a "sci-fi thriller." That's not a genre that I usually appreciate very much, and I think that the Daily Fandom reviewer is correct that it isn't the "sci-fi" stuff that keeps viewers coming back for the next episode, and then the next, and then the next. It's the characters

The characters are engaging. They are inspiring. And they're diverse! But let me comment on the "meaning" of Sense8, which I found to be a metaphor for what is most important in our life. 

The concept is that the eight different characters, all from different countries, are somehow able to share in common their experience, and to assist and communicate with each other. Sense8, in other words, portrays a world in which the "me" becomes "we."

Even without recourse to the telepathic powers depicted in Sense8, that's a good way to start thinking about the diverse "others" to whom we truly are connected.

Right now.

In real life.

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