Saturday, May 23, 2015

#143 / Defib This

I saw a sign in downtown Santa Cruz the other day, posted high on the backside of what used to be the PG&E Headquarters. "DEFIBTHIS" is what it said. 

It turns out that the sign was advertising a business ( that provides emergency response training. That's great!

However, I had hoped that the sign indicated that someone was trying to eliminate the fundamental mendacity that seems ever present in our society today, from the statements made in advertising cons, to the misleading information from banks and financial institutions that brought on the 2008 economic crash, to what our government and politicians have to say about "technology, privacy, and freedom," those topics I am addressing with the class I am teaching in the UCSC Legal Studies Program. 

Oh, well! When the lying ways of our trusted institutions and political leaders give us a heart attack, we can only hope that someone trained by Defibthis will be around to provide some lifesaving intervention.

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