Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#140 / The Upside Of Utopianism

Acknowledging the problems with "utopian" thinking, it does strike me that the human world we build is, ultimately, a world that is responsive to our choices and actions. That means there is a place for "utopianism." There is no inevitability in the world we create, which means we can always change the realities we confront today and construct new realities for tomorrow. At least, that's theoretically so!

The above observation applies only within "our" world, note, the "human world." Different rules apply within the World of Nature. The World of Nature is precisely the place where "inevitability" prevails. 

Too bad we forget that most of the time!

The image above is from a Diego Rivera mural. I found it on a blog called "Philosophers For Change."

My father was kind of a philosopher. Or so he seemed to me. He often said, "Unless you have a dream, you can never have a dream come true." That was way before I signed up for that "Utopia" seminar at Stanford, which really got me started on my utopian predisposition!

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