Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#139 / My Utopian Disability

My early inculcation into utopian thinking has stayed with me. I consider that this is really a "net positive," but I do admit that my predilection for bringing a "utopian" analysis to various social, political, and economic questions can become a kind of disability. 

Because "possibility" is my main category of choice, I have a hard time really believing that there is nothing we can do.

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  1. The concept of utopia has been given a bad name by the post-modern, deconstructionist set, sad to say.

    Utopian thinking is a means of visualizing a desired goal, not a literal description of "How Things Should Be." Authors of utopian visions are expressing the idea "It sure would be nice to live more like this, than the way we are living now." It's a useful exercise not a prescription or prediction.

    We could do with a lot more utopian thinking around the place, to balance the preponderance of dystopian reality rapidly coming to the fore.


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