Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#90 / What Lies Beneath

The image here may or may not be real. It is a striking image, real or not. Here's what strikes me: 

Our human world is just a little boat 
Upon a vast World of Nature, 
Unseen, for the most part. 
We float upon the World
We cannot see,
Or truly know.
The mystery of that World 
Supports us 

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  1. More of a submerged submarine than a boat floating on the surface.

    We are immersed in the Natural world, an intimate part of the whole of the web of life.

    We only pretend we float above it.

  2. Our world is
    As the fragile junk ship
    Bobbing in the cosmic ocean

    In these unfathomable depths
    Lurk Goliaths
    Nary seen nor felt
    But for the faintest ripples

    Yet by those ripples
    We can come to know
    Their majesty

    Then also!
    Peering so into the water
    We see ourselves

    We find that
    The secrets of the cosmos
    And our own secrets
    Are one in the same

    The greatest story
    Told in
    The faintest ripples


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