Saturday, January 31, 2015

#31 / I Learned Spanish

I am not naturally good at languages, though maybe English is an exception. I do think I have some facility in that language. 

At any rate, when I was about 45 years old, I decided that I ought to learn Spanish, and I did. It took me several years, courses at Cabrillo College, and forays to Mexico, Spain, and Argentina, but I did learn Spanish. Doing that has been one of the greatest pleasures (and accomplishments) of my life. Because I learned Spanish, I knew that Podemos - We Can - was my kind of political party. There are other benefits, too, beyond the purely political.

For instance, when my friend Steven Jacoby published the above photo, I got the joke. 

You might be able to figure it out anyway, but it does help to know Spanish. And it makes it more fun.

The signs says, "I am the pilot."

For lots of reasons, I recommend learning Spanish. 

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