Thursday, January 29, 2015

#29 / A Secret Semantic

Dr. Angela Davis spoke yesterday evening at the 2015 MLK Convocation, held at the Santa Cruz Civic Center and sponsored by the University of California at Santa Cruz. 

Dr. Davis urged us to take action, now, and to aim for radical change. To demand radical change. To insist upon it. To insist, to ourselves, that we won't be satisfied without it. That we won't give up until we achieve it.

And Dr. Davis warned us that time is short. 


At the end of the Convocation 
(This was the very last thing),
There was a call for Justice.

Did you ever read it in the Bible?
You can bet Martin Luther King, Jr. read it:

Justice. Justice thou shalt pursue!
One more Old Testament Commandment!

We are not to forget it.
And we must know its secret semantic:

Not "Just Us."

That was the last thing said.
That is what you missed, if you weren't there.

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