Friday, January 23, 2015

#23 / Dabble U

The Dabble U website goes along with a Dabble U blog, called (I gather) The Fledgling. As you can probably tell from the cup, there is a Dabble U Store, too.

I came upon Dabble U using some of those "Next Blog" tactics that I have promoted here on my own blog. The Dabble U website says that it has been "Proudly serving dabblers for (less than one) years!" Wendy Fambro, the lady who runs this enterprise, obviously has a good sense of humor. 

If you think you need support for your dabbling, consider enrolling in Dabble U. Note that it does cost money! 

Perhaps you don't think you really need to pay for a five week "Dive Into Dabbling" course. If you think you can pursue your various interests in a non-enrolled status, dabbling happily wherever your dabbling interests might take you, then ... 

Just go for it. 

No money needs to change hands!

PS: If you like the cup, or want to buy a sweatshirt, I don't think you actually have to enroll to make a purchase.

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