Sunday, September 14, 2014

#258 / Time = Money

I have mentioned before that the "Time is Money" equation is first attributed to Benjamin Franklin. I got to thinking about this topic again on Labor Day this year, reading the Matier & Ross column that appeared in the September 1, 2014 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.  

Matier & Ross comment on virtually all matters political, with a San Francisco focus. On Labor Day, they turned their attention to the race in the 17th Congressional District, pitting "new-style" politician Ro Khanna (that's a Matier & Ross characterization) against incumbent Mike Honda (who I guess must be one of those "old-style" politicians).

The Labor Day squib from Matier & Ross bore the heading, "Promises, promises," and more or less made fun of Khanna for having proclaimed that he would not take special-interest money. "Now that he's struggling for cash and endorsements," said Matier & Ross, 'he's changed his tune a bit."

The fact is, as we all know, that money dominates our political life at virtually every level. Is there an antidote?

Well, if "time is money," the antidote for "money" might just be "time." In fact, it's the only antidote. Democracy demands our personal involvement. When ordinary men and women become involved in politics, and devote their time to politics, the impact is decisive.

In fact, it's revolutionary. 

Take it from Benjamin Franklin. He knew a bit about business. And about revolution, too!

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