Sunday, June 8, 2014

#160 / Let's Hear It For The Bucket

Pictured is Desmond D'Sa of Durban, South Africa, who has been awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for his work protecting his community from the environmental impacts of oil refineries, waste dumps and a port expansion project. Crucial to his activist work was "the bucket." Here is Desmond on the topic: 

The bucket has shown that it has no equal when it comes to providing reliable information, as even the government sample did not reveal the exposure of these poisons.

D'Sa and other activists have used "bucket brigade" technology that was invented in 1995, in an environmental justice struggle centered in Contra Costa County, California. It is an inspiring story. You can read about it here. "The Bucket" puts reliable scientific information in the hands of ordinary people, and helps them achieve political changes that protect local communities. 

If you like the idea, think about joining Global Community Monitor. This nonprofit, homegrown in the San Francisco Bay Area, is putting science in the hands of the people all around the world. 

Let's hear it for The Bucket!

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