Saturday, May 3, 2014

#124 / TLDR #2

Wallace Baine (pictured), the beloved arts/culture columnist in my hometown newspaper, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, has warned us about TLDR, the "scariest" acronym on the internet. 

I am with Wallace! In fact, I have previously written about this very thing, citing to another voice in the wilderness, attorney Timothy Tost. Tost, too, deplores the TLDR phenomenon.

At an Easter gathering of family and friends this year, one of my relatives, also a Facebook Friend, told the assembled congregation that between my blog and Facebook contributions, "Gary is always telling you to read something."

Perish the thought!

If you don't know what TLDR means, click on the links to see Baine's April 27, 2014 column or my October 23, 2012 blog post.

You will have to read about it!

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