Saturday, April 12, 2014

#103 / Corruption Finance Reform

Lawrence "Larry" Lessig is a professor at Harvard Law School and a political activist. One of his causes is campaign finance reform, which he calls "Corruption Finance Reform." I like that. Gets to the point!

Most recently, Lessig is telling us to "take a hike." Specifically, he is calling for a "march through New Hampshire," the second in what he clearly sees as a series. Click this link to hear Lessig talk about this at a TED presentation. You can watch Bill Moyers' coverage of the first march by clicking this link.

"Taking a hike" as a way to bring about fundamental political reform may seem an unlikely path to success. Let's not forget about that "salt march," though. Or the "freedom marches" in the South that brought us federal legislation on civil rights.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. might have been on to something.

I hope Lessig is, too.

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