Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#100 / Are We There Yet?

Richard Stockton (who is pictured to the right) has written and stars in a one-person show titled "Are We There Yet?" It had a run in my home town of Santa Cruz, and according to a review by Wallace Baine, our leading cultural critic, the show is pretty good. I am sorry to have missed it, first time around.

As it turns out, I will apparently get a second chance. According to a column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel that ran on Sunday, April 6th, there will be at least one more opportunity for local residents to see the show. Stockton is going to do a benefit performance next Sunday, April 13th, at the Inner Light Center, 5630 Soquel Drive in Soquel. Proceeds will benefit Move To Amend-Santa Cruz

The show is apparently about the Baby Boomer generation. 

The answer is "NO."

In fact, Daddy, I think we are going the wrong way!!

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