Friday, March 21, 2014

#81 / The Land Use Report #3

Since August 2002 (almost twelve years now), I have been presenting a Land Use Report each weekday morning on KUSP Radio. If you are located in Santa Cruz or Monterey County, you can find KUSP at 89.9 on your FM dial. You can also follow the Land Use Report by way of a KUSP podcast, and you can review written transcripts by searching out the Land Use Report blog I publish to accompany the on-air presentations. 

How we "use" the land within our communities will have a major impact on the future not only of the natural environment, but also on our local economy, and on our success in reaching our social equity goals. Decisions about land use are very much the result of a community-based decision making process, both as to the "policies" that define our planning objectives, and as to the "project" approvals that are supposed to implement our adopted land use plans. 

As I am fond of saying on The Land Use Report, I have an "unhidden agenda" where the Land Use Report is concerned. I would like to stimulate listeners to get involved in land use policy and project decisions themselves. 

There are lots of private interests with a big stake in getting public agencies to make land use decisions that favor their developments. They are definitely involved in the process! To achieve the public interest, members of the public will have to be involved, as well!

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