Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#78 / Self-Made

Gary Marcus and Christof Koch are upbeat about the coming integration of silicon circuitry into the human brain:

How soon can we expect to see brain implants for perfect memory, enhanced vision, hypernormal focus or an expert golf swing? We are closer than you might think.

If this idea of an amped up and ever more "self-made" human seems congenial to you, you can read more by clicking right here

I don't buy it!

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  1. Whether or not you buy it, cochlear implants will continue to help the hearing-impaired. Retinal prosthetics will be used to treat adult-onset blindness. Brain implants will improve memory to help soldiers injured in war. Stephen Hawking will continue to communicate with his brain-activated glasses. People with spinal injuries will be able to walk using neural bypass. Robotic limbs will replace more primitive prosthetics.

    And you, Gary, will use technology to maintain quality of life as your body ages.

    NeuroSky is awesome. I will literally buy it. Maybe I can write you an app where, as you calm you're brain waves, the world returns from the modern era, to your paradise, the stone ages.


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