Saturday, March 15, 2014

#75 / What The President Doesn't Get

I am always nervous when an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal seems reasonable and "right." When that happens (and it's pretty rare), I cross examine my understanding of what I just read. What about the March 13, 2014 column by William K. Lietzau, for instance? It is titled "What Obama Doesn't Get About Gitmo." Here is the conclusion to the article: 

The extraordinary power to detain an individual without trial should certainly be temporary, but no more so than the authority to kill him. Indefinite wartime detention is the least of our worries. Instead, we should fear becoming comfortable with indefinite war.

I have to say that this statement strikes me as "right," at least insofar as the emphasis is placed on the very last phrase. We need to stop ourselves from getting comfortable with indefinite war.

If it strikes us that maybe we are getting rather comfortable with the indefinite war concept, then maybe we ought to be doing something about it.

By definition, doing something about it is bound to take us outside our "comfort zone."

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