Friday, February 7, 2014

#38 / Extremist Thinking

I recently saw a reference to Utopia or Oblivion, by Buckminster Fuller. The reference was contained in an essay titled "Mind-forged manacles," by Daniel Pinchbeck

It strikes me that what might be called "extremist thinking" can be very helpful to us, as we confront realities in the human world.

Is our choice genuinely "utopia" or "oblivion?" I doubt it, but since the world is created by what we decide to do, and then actually do, it is quite worthwhile to have a point to steer to. 

Extremist thinking, in this sense, is like trekking with a compass, as opposed to muddling about with no specific sense of direction. Our compasses point to the "extremes" of the globe. We don't, usually, visit the poles in person, but we steer by the directions they provide.

Extremist thinking is how we get our bearings.

Extremist "action" can be quite a different thing!

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