Thursday, January 30, 2014

#30 / Young Revolutionaries

My six year old granddaughter Delaney (pictured) has been reporting to me on events at her elementary school. 

When I heard that Delaney was part of a six-person classroom group that included five boys and no other girls, I wanted to inquire further, just to see how those arrangements came about. 

I didn't get too much satisfaction. It appears that there is no particular reason, but Delaney just happens to be at a table with no other girls. No big thing. 

Except, maybe it is. It also appears that by virtue of her placement in this group of boys Delaney has acquired  some information that the other girls in her class don't know about. In short, the boys are planning to "take over the school!"

Delaney is pretty definite about this. I've asked her just what the revolutionary plan might be, but she's cagey. All Delaney will tell me is that the boys plan to TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL! 

I am standing by for more news of the revolution. Can't start too early, in my opinion.

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