Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#295 / Commonwealth #2

Four of our states call themselves "commonwealths" (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Virginia). I like the word. 

According to the online dictionary I usually consult, "commonwealth" means a nation, state, or other political unit that is: (1) founded on law and united by compact or tacit agreement of the people for the common good; (2) one in which supreme authority is vested in the people; (3) a republic.

I think we are going to start getting closer to the "common good" when we start realizing that the "wealth" of our society really is a "common" asset, and should be utilized to benefit all of us, as we ourselves decide, using the supreme authority available to us, "vested in the people."

The idea that 46% of the wealth of the world is held by 1% of the people in the world is a situation that I call "unsustainable." 

At least, that is unsustainable if we are truly in this world together, as I think it's pretty clear we are!

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