Thursday, August 29, 2013

#241 / Law?

We tend to think about our human laws as though they were like the "law" of gravity. They are written down, right? They are in the book. That seems to mean that they are permanent. We tend to think they can't be changed.

But our laws are what we say they are. 

We can change them. 


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  1. Yes, we can, and we should... very conservatively.

    There is presently a push to set aside County leash laws on our County beaches to allow some dog owners to let their dogs run off-leash on the beach.

    This flies in the face of public health, public safety and environmental protections that are addressed in these leash laws, the reasons for putting them on the books in the first place.

    Yes, we can change these laws, at great expense and effort on the part of County, state and federal regulatory agencies... but should we be so casual about changing laws that are written and enforced to protect the common good.

    When one person's preferences come in conflict with public health and safety, and the environment that benefits all life, where does government draw the line, and how is that line determined?

    Who decides the fate of the commons?

  2. I share your concern about this proposed change in our current laws!

    But in a democracy (theoretically speaking) the majority decides the fate of the commons - until we provide what amounts to constitutional protection to the natural environment that sustains us all.

  3. Well... sort of.

    We do not vote on laws and environmental regulations. We vote on representatives who promulgate and implement laws and regulations. And we keep the pressure on them to vote our positions regarding those laws and regulations.

    It's not the majority that rules, it's those who show up!


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