Saturday, July 6, 2013

#187 / The Stoned Fox

Little did I know, until I read a front page article in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, June 20th, that the taxidermy specimen shown above, the creation of British artist Adele Morse, has become a major phenomenon in Russia. The "stoned fox," as our friend is now known, is helping to poke fun at Russian politicians and public figures, with a focus on the indubitably imbecilic activities of various governmental and other institutions.

It's a funny story. The fox-faced artifact, produced as an art project, has now risen from its first public appearance as a low-priced sale item on eBay to major international recognition. Adele Morse seems bemused. 

I think the fox should be showing up in the United States soon. There are plenty of imbecilic governmental activities right here!

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