Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#183 / What Do You Want ...?

Someone put it to me, recently, that I should be thinking about "what I want to do when I grow up." 

I must confess that I have assumed, for some time, that I am already "grown up," but I think that the focus on "do," not "be" (and the question was put to me in the "do" form), is the right focus. 

As seen in the illustration, the question is often put in the form of "what do you want to be?" Focusing on accomplishments, as opposed to status or position, is always a better way to look at life (at least I think so). And whatever you may "be," or whatever you may have "been," asking yourself what you want to "do" is always a salutary exercise, at any time of life, because as long as we are alive, we can always 'do" something new, and something unexpected. This is the essence of our human freedom, and it is our glory - and our burden. 

I actually spend a good bit of time and effort in thinking about that question, "what should I do?" Of course, so did Sartre and Camus, and there is some evidence that they came up with the idea that life is absurd. 

I am trying to avoid that conclusion.

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