Thursday, June 20, 2013

#171 / The Golden Calf

Most people know the story of the Golden Calf, found in the Bible in the Book of Exodus. The story is a warning not to place the love of wealth above the commandments of God. It is also a story that advises us not to worship objects of our own making, in place of our worship of the true Creator. 

For me, this story has always been a caution that we should not value our own, human constructions above Creation itself, and that we should recognize the primacy of the world into which we are born, the World that God created, or the World of Nature, as you might prefer to recognize it. 

Sean Parker, the billionaire groom who tried to transform Big Sur into an unworthy replica of Middle Earth, is a contemporary example of the kind of conduct that the Bible is warning us about. Parker's party was not that different, the way I read it, from the party that Aaron hosted around the Golden Calf.

In the Bible story, great wrath falls on those who forget the lesson, and who fall into the worship of wealth and their own works. In the case of Sean Parker, I am not so sure that the Coastal Commission is actually doing a very good job in carrying out the role assigned to Moses. 

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