Thursday, June 6, 2013

#157 / The Little Things

The little things ... Add up.

This picture comes from a Facebook posting by Terry Way Photography. Here is the associated comment:

"Smoker Trash" found on sidewalks and gutters in my Live Oak, Santa Cruz neighborhood while on dog walks this weekend. Please repost to remind everyone of this small yet voluminous form of garbage. Storm drains flow directly to the Monterey Bay.

Let's remember that categorical imperative!

Image Credit: 
Terry Way Photography

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  1. Thanks, Gary, for posting on this particular pollution source. On one day, I've picked this many butts at one downtown San Jose bus stop.
    Most cigarette users consider the world as their ash (and butt) tray.
    I've talked with many of my students @ SJSU about applying a bounty on butts of one cent each, with revenue from a dedicated surcharge on all cigarettes sold in CA. The legislative author(s) could honestly call it the Tax Your Butt Act. The media would love it and even the Republicans could support it to make their favorite point.


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