Friday, May 24, 2013

#144 / Go Bears

I liked Robert Reich's all-purpose commencement speech, which he presented online for widespread distribution. 

A commencement speech presented by Governor Jerry Brown, to political science graduates at UC Berkeley, was delivered in person. It actually makes much the same point: 

I am not saying that the big issues are going to be settled easily, that greenhouse gasses will soon be curbed or that inequality will be quickly reversed. 

But I do affirm, based on my experience, that people can exercise power wherever they are in society. Certainly not on every occasion but, at crucial moments, imaginative and bold people make a difference. 

You have studied political science. You have had the special privilege of being here on the Berkeley campus. 

As you leave today, never forget what the graduates before you did and what you can do when the moment calls on you. 

You have the intellect. Make sure you have the will. 

The grizzly bear is on our California flag. It portrays strength and determination. 

Take that with you. 

Go Bears!

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