Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#128 / New Tricks

I have written about the Catholic Worker before, and in one posting I specifically celebrated the Easy Essays of Peter Maurin

Let me once again recommend those Easy Essays. Let me recommend the Catholic Worker, too. It's only one penny per issue, but I encourage you to pay more. 

Last Wednesday, when I got my latest edition of the Catholic Worker, I was amazed to see that it was the 80th Anniversary Issue! It has a couple of those Easy Essays inside, and here is one I particularly like: 

The Age of Chaos

1. And we are now
   in the ago of chaos.

2. In an age of chaos
    people look for a new order.

3. What makes for chaos
    is lack of order.

4. Because people are
    becoming aware
    of this lack of order
    they would like to be able
    to create order
    out of chaos.

5. The time
    to create order
    out of chaos
    is now.

6. The germ of the present
    was in the past,
    and the germ of the future
    is in the present.

7. The thing to do
    is to give up old tricks
    and start to play
    new tricks.

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