Friday, February 1, 2013

#32 / Better Remembered

About a week ago, I got an unexpected (and very nice) communication from an old friend who lives in Santa Cruz County. He told me how much he has appreciated my "dedication to the Land Use Report, and for all that you have done over the years here."

Receiving this unexpected message was a deeply touching "I'll Remember You" moment. The fact that our lives and actions may be remembered, and remembered with affection, is something even more than a consolation. As the years go by, and as "Soon" gets ever closer, having done something that is worth being remembered for starts seeming like it might have been an actual purpose in life. 

My twenty years of service as an elected official, as a member of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, is what my friend was remembering, and what he was thanking me for. In fact, near the end of my twenty years in office, I reflected on what that job was all about, and I decided then that being a good elected representative (one who does things worth being remembered) really boils down to Five Simple Things.

For all present and future office holders, please feel free to utilize these principles. I can guarantee you that your time as an elected official will be better remembered if you do.

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