Sunday, January 13, 2013

# 13 / All Of The Above #2

President Barack Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown pretty much share an "all of the above" approach to the development of new energy sources. I provided a link to an excellent New Yorker article on the fallacies of this approach in an earlier posting. One of the underlying concepts in the "all of the above" approach is that "more" is "better." 

A recent critique of natural gas as a new energy source, published by AlterNetmakes the point with respect to that energy source. While using natural gas is arguably "better" than using coal, or tar sands, or oil, including oil produced from ever more dangerous offshore production facilities, including offshore facilities located in the Arctic, there are so many "downsides" that any putative positives are actually overridden. 

The right approach to a world worth having, a world that is sometimes euphemistically called a "sustainable" world, is "less is more." 

More isn't "better." It's worse. 

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