Monday, December 17, 2012

#351 / The Anarchist Soccer Mom

A blogger who goes by the title Anarchist Soccer Mom published an extraordinarily powerful reflection on the horrible killings that took place Friday, December 14th, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, located in Newton, Connecticut. She called her reflection about these events "Thinking The Unthinkable." If you haven't already read her posting, which has been widely disseminated through Facebook,  I recommend it to you. 

I went on to read some of the other postings of this "Anarchist Soccer Mom." They were all good, and they reinforced my thinking about pushing that "Next Blog>>" button

There are a lot of wonderfully smart, articulate, creative, and concerned people out there. People with good values (hold the revolution until after soccer practice, for instance). 

We are going to have to find an effective way of getting these many good people back in touch with each other, to join forces for the purpose of creating the kind of world we need to have. 

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