Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#262 / Crooked Cucumber

Pictured is Shunryu Suzuki, a Zen monk and teacher who helped popularize Zen Buddhism in the United States, and who founded the San Francisco Zen Center.

A book about Suzuki's life and Zen teachings, called Crooked Cucumber, is an affecting biography, and a kind of easy introduction to the practice and teachings of Zen Buddhism.

The book is also an interesting history of the San Francisco Zen Center and its outpost retreat, the Tassajara Training Center in Big Sur.

I recommend it.


  1. Mind which does not allow you to know yourself. so go go beyond it,

    How one does davam/penance/meditation? It means do nothing with mind, keep in the holy feet/thiruvadi of god in our body!!
    How guru helps with his experiance? what is guru sath sath para brahma?

    Open eye , surrender mind to holy feet in our body. Do-nothing with mind. Still the mind. Dont use it..

    Sanathana dharma

    Its about knowing self and god. India was known for this..

    Actual place of Kundalini is not at end of spine... please read this .... Hidden secrets are revealed...

    who is guru? how guru helps? in the way of siddhas

    The meaning of the word deekshai is initiation. When a human does become a real
    human being? If one gets father and mother is not human being!

    Only when he gets guru he is human! With human body, he obtains maturity in the mind, becomes a real human only after getting a gnana guru.

    More details

    God is light, soul is tiny light, one need to know self. You are not body mind, they belong to you. You are soul..
    how to know realize>? Get preaching from guru and take thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet inititaion)
    Kingdom of god is with in, get baptized by light

    More details

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