Sunday, July 1, 2012

#182 / The Superhero Pledge

The morning newspaper never fails to bring surprises. On Monday, June 25th, I read about a "superhero" university for aspiring entrepreneurs. It appears that students recite a "Superhero Pledge" each morning:

"I will promote freedom at all costs," they say in unison." I will do everything in my power to drive, build and pursue progress and change. My brand, my network, and my reputation are paramount."

The quality and nature of the "change" being pursued are not specified in the "Superhero Pledge." Presumably, any work of human creation whatsoever (that makes money) represents the kind of "freedom" to which these entrepreneurs are daily rededicated.

Clicking on the image will call up a list of "superheroes." Without exception, I believe, the "superheroes" of our youth were dedicated to helping other people, and to saving the world.

Making their "brand" paramount was not part of the "superhero" assignment.

If "Superhero U" has a future, it means that our own hopes for the future are growing less bright.

At least, that's my opinion. Self-centered "brand promotion" is not my idea of what a real "superhero" should be doing with his or her time!


  1. レイバン アビエイターを話すなら、その歴史を話さなければならない。レイバンはアメリカを拠点とするのアイウェアのブランドで、年齢を問わずに大人気。レイバン ウェイファーラーなどは、光のまぶしさを取り除くだけではなく、反射光も除去してくれる視界クリアにする働きも優秀。

  2. Thanks for your comment, shi zhan! But I don't know what it is!!


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