Thursday, June 14, 2012

#165 / Doom And Gloom

Some of my friends think I am a "doom and gloom" kind of guy.

Maybe I am.

I do regularly advertise the many problems that we confront, and I do suggest that they are "serious."

Maybe that is enough to justify the "doom and gloom" label.

My basic proposition, however, is NOT that we are "doomed." Quite the opposite. I believe that we live most immediately in a world that we create ourselves, and that our power to change this human reality is plenary. There are no "inevitabilities" in the world we create. Anything is possible.


Of course, "anything" can mean "bad things," as well as "good things." We can make both our "dreams" and our "nightmares" come true.

It's up to us.

There is a "limit," however, on our ability to shape reality. This limit is imposed by the laws of the world of Nature, the world we don't create, and the world upon which we are ultimately dependent.

I send out periodic warnings about the truly dangerous problems we are ignoring (global warming, for instance). The message, though, is not that we are inevitably "doomed."

The message is that we had better start paying attention to the world of Nature, and to the limits it imposes, and should start making different choices in the world that we both create and control.

This "tipping point" thing is real.

So is our ability to make genuine changes in what we do.

Even "radical" changes.

Imagine that!!

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